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Landscape Designer

Joseph Nagel, owner of Definition Landscape and Design, is pleased to bring his professional approach to the Brisbane landscape.  With an eye for space, texture, colour and shape, he creates and constructs exciting landscapes to live in and enjoy, sensitive to the practical requirements and constraints of each site.

A qualified structural landscaper with extensive background in design, Joseph brings this experience to each new project.  Unique designs, both stunning and functional are constructed to the client’s requirements.  Longevity of completed landscapes and environmental suitability are paramount, and reflected in Joseph’s designs, material choices and attention to detail.

From project concept to completion, Joseph is involved at all levels, and keeps his clients informed.  He promotes a collaborative approach, where clients’ needs are incorporated at the design stage to ensure the final outcome is exactly as envisioned.  From the preliminary consultation, clear lines of communication are established and maintained, providing a personalised experience with the outcome being a stunning new landscape.

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